Top Reasons Why Light up Shoes Are Not Only for Kids

Do you remember that time when you were a kid and you had a blast wearing a pair of sneakers with soles that would light up each time you took a step? Remember how cool it felt to own a pair and show it off to your friends? And the fun you had just looking at the lights illuminate a dark room? Well, you can relive those feelings because light up kicks have become a hit again, and not only with children but with adults as well. There is a whole line of illuminated kicks made specifically for the grownups market, and they have become so popular that even celebrities were spotted wearing a pair of light up sneakers.

So why has this shoe trend become so popular with the older generation?

  1. They provide safety when you’re working out outdoors at night or dawn.


Walking your dog, running, or biking during dark times of the day can be dangerous because motorists might not see you right away and could end up hitting you. If you are wearing LED  shoes, drivers and other pedestrians have a better chance to see you even from a far distance, and more accidents can be avoided.

  1. They make dancing an even more awesome experience.


Moving to the beats is one of the best ways to express yourself or to just have fun. Light up kicks can add to the festivity of a party when people are shuffling on the dance floor, showcasing awesome moves and adding pops of color with their LEDS in the room at the same time. When it comes to dance performances, you can enhance the beauty of your movement and choreography with the help of LED shoes. In fact, a Japanese startup invented a programmable performance shoe fitted with 100 full color LEDs and invited people to use these ‘tools’ in creating forms of artistic expression. Just imagine a group of dancers moving in sync on a darkened stage with illuminated sneakers moving with them, accentuating each kick or step? Won’t that be a breathtaking scene?

  1. They are a great way to express your fashion style.


If you like wearing eye-catching outfits, then light up kicks are perfect for you. They come in different colors and styles so you can have a pair that matches your personal taste or your OOTD.

  1. They provide a fun way to bond with your kids.


Imagine the joy of your little ones if you roam around town wearing illuminated sneakers together? It can be a wonderful way to bring out your playful side and spend quality time with your kids. You can enjoy taking beautiful photos with your LED kicks as the subjects, or play a game of glow-in-the-dark hopscotch, or even make a video of you and your little ones doing a light dance show.

Light up shoes are definitely not just for young ones, but also for those who are young at heart. And with stylish and functional designs for adults available in the market today, grownups can once again experience the joys of wearing a pair of illuminated kicks whenever they want to.

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