Price Comparison of Diamond Jewellery for Top Indian Websites-

Buying diamond jewellery online gives you variety & convince at best of market price.  It has become passé to purchase jewels from old traditional retail shop; When you have galore of options away at pinch of your smart phones.


Jewellery is part of our traditional & Culture. No Indian festive or occasion is complete without the glitter of the gold & sparkle of the diamond.  It is convenience of online shopping which has given us rise to competitive ecommerce jewellery shops.   You get excellent price, certified jewellery, speedy delivery & customization from these jewellery portals.  The generation of today wants the best price with best service.

The top few Indian websites to buy online diamond jewellery are Caratlane, Bluestone, Khannajewels, SuratDiamonds, Perrian & Others.

Each Company is a brand of its own which has created its own niche in Indian ecommerce retail market. Jewellery ecommerce website caters to India of today with their exquisite designs, latest technology, best of services, exchange schemes, manufacturing warranty & highly competitive price.

The reason of growth not only lies in the above factors of uniqueness & Easiness; but lies in India’s demand of business of Clarity of product’s Pricing. Online market in India is at the stage of price sensitivity. The attraction lies in the product & Company; but what converts us to buy is the Price with Warranty.

Each brand creates their Presence & Brand value; but what is interesting is the price comparison.  When the price is compared of the Top Jewellery online shops brands; you would find them almost at equality of the oligopoly market.

Established brands like Caratlane & Bluestone are most expensive at average sale price of approx Rs. 65000/- for a carat of Diamond. New entrants like Perrian are selling at Rs 48000/- per carat. The most competitive & lowest price is the oldest online Jewellery Shop Khannajewels at an astounding price of Rs.26000/- a carat.  Though at the bottom the product price level Khanajewels has strong brand presence since past 12 years plus.

All these brands provide assurance on reliability on basis of Exchange, Warranty & Certification.

We have our own Selections to make on basis of Price & Reliability when we buy Our Jewels. Price is paramount for the core of Indian purchase.

Buyer looks forward to more competition among brands with new Portals; which brings us more Value to our Rupees Spent. After all Price does matter.


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