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If you are trying to look expensive and stylish while being on a budget, you are bound to have some difficulties. You might succeed in getting a fashionable haircut without visiting barber shops in Manhattan, but building a wardrobe while saving money is not so easy. Here are several rules you should follow if you want to make your outfits look expensive.

  1. Take Care Of Your Clothing

Even cheaper items can look nice if you take care of them properly.

  • Wash properly. Every type of fabric requires special treatment, which can prolong both life and nice appearance of the piece. Follow the instructions on the label to get the most out of your clothing no matter what the price tag was.
  • Iron or press. Keeping your clothes creaseless is extremely important if you want to look good. It goes for both cheap and expensive items. In fact, it does not matter how pricey the garment was. Evendesignerclothinglookshorriblewhenit’sunkempt.
  • Tailor it. Not many people can afford to get their clothes sewn for them. Because of it, we recommend bringing your off the rack items to a tailor to get them fitted. This service is both inexpensive and effective. The fitted clothing always looks more appealing and flattering on the body.
  1. Choose Timeless Items

Invest in several timeless pieces like fitted suits, white and black shorts, nice leather shoes, dark jeans, and beautiful sweaters. The classics always look more expensive than they actually can be. Augment your outfits with fashionable, nice-looking accessories. Wrist watches, belts, sunglasses, and bracelets can make your outfit way more discerning and stylish.

  1. Be Tasteful

Keep your outfits to one style and one color. Monochromatic outfits always look more luxurious than a cluster of mismatched clothes. Play with different items within the same color range to create a fashionable attire. However, we suggest staying clear of combining the items of the same shade. You still want some diversity in your outfit.

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

A nice grooming routine can also help you to look more expensive. Make sure to keep your body and hair clean, your hair in check, your beard and eyebrows groomed, and your body odor non-existent. Invest in a good fragrance and look up how to apply and wear it correctly. A proper personal hygiene can do wonders to your image by making you look well-taken care of.

Stick to these recommendations from barber shops Manhattan to easily make your outfits look more expensive!

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Top Reasons Why Light up Shoes Are Not Only for Kids

Do you remember that time when you were a kid and you had a blast wearing a pair of sneakers with soles that would light up each time you took a step? Remember how cool it felt to own a pair and show it off to your friends? And the fun you had just looking at the lights illuminate a dark room? Well, you can relive those feelings because light up kicks have become a hit again, and not only with children but with adults as well. There is a whole line of illuminated kicks made specifically for the grownups market, and they have become so popular that even celebrities were spotted wearing a pair of light up sneakers.

So why has this shoe trend become so popular with the older generation?

  1. They provide safety when you’re working out outdoors at night or dawn.


Walking your dog, running, or biking during dark times of the day can be dangerous because motorists might not see you right away and could end up hitting you. If you are wearing LED  shoes, drivers and other pedestrians have a better chance to see you even from a far distance, and more accidents can be avoided.

  1. They make dancing an even more awesome experience.


Moving to the beats is one of the best ways to express yourself or to just have fun. Light up kicks can add to the festivity of a party when people are shuffling on the dance floor, showcasing awesome moves and adding pops of color with their LEDS in the room at the same time. When it comes to dance performances, you can enhance the beauty of your movement and choreography with the help of LED shoes. In fact, a Japanese startup invented a programmable performance shoe fitted with 100 full color LEDs and invited people to use these ‘tools’ in creating forms of artistic expression. Just imagine a group of dancers moving in sync on a darkened stage with illuminated sneakers moving with them, accentuating each kick or step? Won’t that be a breathtaking scene?

  1. They are a great way to express your fashion style.


If you like wearing eye-catching outfits, then light up kicks are perfect for you. They come in different colors and styles so you can have a pair that matches your personal taste or your OOTD.

  1. They provide a fun way to bond with your kids.


Imagine the joy of your little ones if you roam around town wearing illuminated sneakers together? It can be a wonderful way to bring out your playful side and spend quality time with your kids. You can enjoy taking beautiful photos with your LED kicks as the subjects, or play a game of glow-in-the-dark hopscotch, or even make a video of you and your little ones doing a light dance show.

Light up shoes are definitely not just for young ones, but also for those who are young at heart. And with stylish and functional designs for adults available in the market today, grownups can once again experience the joys of wearing a pair of illuminated kicks whenever they want to.

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Shopping online for jumpsuits jeggings and dresses

The online shopping scene in India has grown rapidly into huge proportions now. Online shopping in India giving rise to multitudes of online shopping sites is a relatively new thing about which we were not even aware of till few years back. The boom of e-commerce has led to this all new concept, with the mushrooming of online shopping sites. Studies suggest that the “cash on delivery” mode of payment has triggered this huge popularity of buying from online shopping sites, since that won our trust as well as hearts. The sheer diversity in women’s online fashion offered by all these online shopping sites is something that can easily drive us crazy, with the latest and hottest styles all available to us just few clicks away!

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Jumpsuits online is one of the highest searched items on the Internet. The trends of fashion are just like the different seasons of the year since they keep coming back to us with time and sometimes in more evolved avatars. In line with this analogy is the latest trend of jumpsuits, which had been first seen during the early ’70’s. Jumpsuits were then seen to be adorned by celebrities, actors, musicians and others who were known for their ultra glamorous fashion statements. And people had lapped it up readily. If you ever ask people who was in their youth during the ‘70s, they will be able to describe best what the trend was like during their time. And with the return of the jumpsuits online, my mind has gone back to that period, though I myself have seen it on the TV and heard about it from my elders. Jumpsuits online are available in the latest styles – the fashionistas all across the world have either played up or toned down, that is, they have reinvented and restyled the overall look of the classic jumpsuits for girls. It is really wonderful to imagine how the gurus of fashion have reinvented this style which was essentially designed for those people who belonged to the so called working class as a uniform to wear to work.

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In the context of fashion it is common to see the emergence of some new trend every time, which eventually attains huge popularity and stays put in our hearts and rules the fashion charts for a long time. One such popular trend which is super hot and is to be seen everywhere is the ‘jeggings’, a punched name for jeans and leggings. Jeggings is actually a brand name that was registered and owned by a textile company in Turkey which is originally the manufacturer of this innovative stretch material. Since the name is so unique and appropriate, it is used commonly all over the world to refer to this particular trend which is ruling the fashion world now.  Jeggings are actually much like leggings but very different, which are made to seem like a pair of skin tight jeans. Confusing right, because these are neither leggings nor jeans? The fine line which distinguishes jeggings from leggings and jeans is the fabric of which they are made. Jeggings are often made out of a combination of denim and spandex, where the proportion of spandex used is greater than that of denim. Leggings are available in many different colors and prints, but jeggings are mostly available in shades similar to a pair of jeans to retain that typical denim appeal. So, jeggings are a kind of hybrid edition of skin tight jeans and stretch leggings.

Travelling back to old times, you will see that in the western world, women dresses were always seen as the ideal way to represent ourselves in the best form of femininity. Women dresses that were worn by the ladies during the old times came in a typical style which gradually underwent evolution with time. But at all times, women dresses were always the perfect way to adorn a woman in the most ladylike fashion. Today the class of ultra modern Indian women has now embraced the western ideas of style and given in happily to the sheer convenience and comfort of wearing dresses. In comparison to the more man like looks offered by pants and jeans, modern women dresses are like a gush of fresh air which can smoothly bring out the woman in us. Of course wearing outfits other than dresses for girls can also flatter us and make us look gorgeous, but there is no denying the fact that the girlish touch brought in by wearing dresses has that inherent essence which easily finds its an outwardly expression which is so adorable.
Check out the amazing and endless collection of dresses and jeggings and jumpsuits at StalkBuyLove which is the best one stop online store for all your fashion needs.

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GuidoMaggi Takes Luxury Footwear to New Heights

Men seeking heightened confidence may find it in a number of ways, but a taller appearance may rank high among them. It’s been proven that taller men may experience more success in various aspects of life. Until recently, short men often had to sacrifice style to receive this lift in height. With GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, adding height with fashion in mind is now achievable. The brand boasts a number of striking designs intended to make a statement in the most luxurious way.


As the realm of height increasing shoes continues to grow with each day, more men are turning to this method to forge the stature they’ve always dreamed of. While elevator shoes of the past were made with only function in mind, today’s stylish breed of tall shoes combine fashion and comfort to create exceptional silhouettes built to last. Fine Italian craftsmanship paired with high-fashion designs and rare, high-quality materials are utilized to create a line of shoes simply unlike any other. Shoes capable of adding inches of height to your frame, all while maintaining an enviable sense of style, can do wonders for self-confidence.


Italian fashion has long been recognized for its luxury. GuidoMaggi shoes stand at the height of luxury fashion. High-quality materials, some of them the most exclusive on earth, are used to construct shoes that exude an instant air of sophistication. From exceptional South African Ostrich leather, to python, Piracucu and alligator in between, there are a wide variety of outstanding supplies utilized to build GuidoMaggi’s extensive line of luxury footwear.


Men hoping to elevate both their height and their style now have access to dozens of designs that can achieve the combination flawlessly. GuidoMaggi’s line of elevator shoes possesses all of the features necessary to forge a look and fit capable of providing supreme confidence. Although many height-increasing shoes of the past achieved their purpose, they did so in a way that was obvious, unsightly and with little regard to style. GuidoMaggi’s line of luxury footwear does what its predecessors could not. Sleek, edgy, sophisticated designs that discreetly and comfortably add height is now the standard in elevator shoes.


Versatility is important when investing in a pair of luxury elevator shoes. Silhouettes that can be taken from work to play can provide endless opportunities to display your impeccable style. From loafers, to sneakers and luxe dress shoes, GuidoMaggi takes great pride in offering every style of shoe you’d need to create a look you can call your own.

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Six Essential Tips for Perfect Hair


Many men think that caring about hair with expensive hair care products is enough for getting lustrous mane; however, your scalp requires care and attention, too. So what should you do if you deal with greasiness, thinning, breakage, or other problems? Barbers at barber shop New York City have prepared for you a list of useful tips on how to look after your hair and scalp properly.

1 Switch the Product

If you suffer hair thinning, avoid products adding more shine to your hair. We are talking about both caring and styling aids. Opt for a matte styling products and you’ll get hair looking thicker as such products absorb unneeded in your case light. Moreover, your hair will be more manageable.

2 Try Egg Wash

For healthy growing, your hair requires protein. You may be surprised, but one of the amplest sources of protein is the usual egg. It’s a tip out ancestor used for restoring their hair health and making it grow faster and fuller. All you need to do is to wash your hair once a month in eggs. Precaution: it doesn’t smell nice, so don’t do it before an important meeting or midnight party.

3 Regular Haircuts

Regular cuts should be an important part of your proper hair care routine, especially if you have long hair. We want to accentuate your attention on the fact of making an appointment before you pay a visit to your barbershop. Barbers at barber shop New York City advise making an appointment in the first part of the day. Why? During the day, barbers work with many clients and at the end of the day are usually tired. In the morning, you will get the undivided attention of your hairdresser.

4 Shampoo Is A Secret

Enjoy styling your hair with wax but can’t get rid of it later? We have for you a great tip. Apply shampoo on dry hair and only then rinse it with water. It will help to remove the wax from your hair and leave it clean and fresh. You can repeat shampooing after the first dry use.

5 Pat Drying

Don’t you think that the harder you rub your hair with a towel, the quicker it will get dry? If you do, you’re mistaken. Remember that your hair is much more easily to damage while it’s wet. It’s all about the hair structure; you have nothing to do with it, just avoid hard rubbing and treat your hair gently.

#6 Over-Washing

If you have dry and coarse hair, forget about everyday washing. Look, every time you wash hair, shampoo strips out natural oils needed for moisturizing your scalp and hair. Having dry hair, you make it even more dehydrated! We recommend opting for washing hair once or twice a week to give your mane a chance receive its natural moisture. Oh, and don’t forget about applying conditioner!

As you can see, taking care of hair in a proper way isn’t hard as it may seem. Follow our pieces of advice and your hair will thank you!

Find more tips for your hair here

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The Top Luxury Men’s Watches for 2016

The Top Luxury Men’s Watches for 2016

Luxury watches and timepieces most often signify the status symbol of a man. It seems that the expensive suits are never complete without a gleaming high-end watch on a man’s wrist. In the UK, especially in London, men like to sport ultra luxurious watches because it does not only tell the time but it also makes the wearer look very cool and stylish. Here are some of the most luxurious men’s watches that are very popular in 2016, and not one of them is a smart watch.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

The Senator Cosmopolite is considered as a very high-end travel watch. The German watchmaker Glashütte Original designs this luxury timepiece, which is famous for creating classic style watches with their own movements. This particular wristwatch is specifically designed for the man who loves to travel. It looks sleek and beautiful and its main dial shows the local time while the subdials are for the time zone display, local date and time zone corrector. It is completely hand-finished and features an alligator strap. The white gold has a retail price of $43,300 and the rose gold is $43,500.

Breguet Tradition 7047

Breguet is another well known luxury watch manufacturer that has been creating watches since 1775. One of their 2016 luxury watches is the House of Breguet’s Tradition 7074. This amazing high-end watch features an off-center and engraved dial that uses a constant-force mechanism invented by Breguet. London billionaires and rich bachelors in the UK can afford this elegant timepiece that has a retail price of $245,000.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex is perhaps the most popular name when it comes to luxury men’s watches. Rolex originally started in England in 1905 but moved to Switzerland in 1919. They have a long tradition of producing luxury watches and now they have created the Yacht-Master II. The design truly symbolises sophistication and success, which is the reason why the Rolex brand is always a favourite choice. The Yacht-Master II features a 44mm stainless steel casing with gold and 18 carat gold hour markers. The retail price is approximately at $30,000.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5271P-001

Patek Philippe is another famous luxury watch manufacturer that certainly deserves to be in this list. The Grand Complication is a captivating beauty with its black lacquered clock face and its platinum body. It has a total of 58 baguette diamonds around the bezel and another baguette diamond marking the 12 o’ clock. Its design is very traditional with lots of dazzling diamonds. Wearing this fabulous timepiece will surely impress a lot of women and men in London. Its retail price is approximately $280,000.

Cartier 18K Rose Gold & Diamond Tank Anglaise Extra Large Men’s Watch

Cartier is all about luxury, especially this new elegant timepiece, which is made of 18 carat, rose gold and diamond bezel. It has a rectangular face design with gold and diamond frame. It is also water resistant up to 100 feet. The diamonds and the rose gold is truly a beautiful combination and offset by a silver lacquered face and blue watch arm. It has a retail price of $69,990. The rich and successful gentlemen in London should definitely have this magnificent timepiece.

Nelson Fuhr is a content consultant at Alvomedia SEO company. He loves to write about men’s fashion, health and tech gadgets.

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